Conversations on Health Policy

Seventy-sixth World Health Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland, 21 - 30 May 2023

24 May: What is happening at the 77th World Health Assembly- 2024? ……And an Introduction to the WHO Tracker

Global Health Policies in an unequal world are more the resultant of political dynamics than of the public good. Introducing the WHO Tracker, a unique and powerful tool created by PHM, which empowers public health professionals, practitioners and policy makers in developing nations to understand and intervene in global policy setting and its adaptation to local needs. Use this to follow the ongoing discussions in the 77th World Health Assembly at Geneva.


08 May: The Quality Conundrums of public health services – of NQAS and beyond!!

We know that markets do not work to assure quality health care!! But what does? Over the last 15 years, the NHM has developed the National Quality Assurance System (NQAS) to assure quality in public health services. What is NQAS? Is it working? Is it scaleable? Is it enough? This conversation between Yogesh Jain and Sundararaman, the 8th in our series, explores the answers!!