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Health Care Financing

Invest More in Public Healthcare Facilities, What do NSSO 71st and 75th Rounds Say?.

VR Muraleedharan, Girija Vaidyanathan, Sundararaman T Umakant Dash, Alok Ranjan, Rajesh M. Invest More in Public Healthcare Facilities- What Do NSSO 71st and 75th Rounds Say? Econ.& Poli. Wkly Sept 2020 vol lV no 37

Utilisation and financial protection for hospital care under publicly funded healthinsurance in three states in Southern India.

Samir Garg, Sayantan Chowdhury, T.Sundararaman, Utilisation and financial protection for hospital care under publicly funded health insurance in three states in Southern, BMC Health Services Research (2019) 19:1004

Social and Systemic Determinants of Utilisation ofPublic Healthcare Services in Uttar Pradesh

C .S. Verma, Shivani Singh, Alok Ranjan, T. Sundararaman; Economic and Political Weekly: Vol. 53, Issue No. 45, 17 Nov, 2018

Effectiveness of government strategies for financial protection against costs of hospitalization care in India

Alok Ranjan, Priyanka Dixit, Indranil Mukhopadhyay, Sundararaman Thiagarajan, BMC Public Health, Sept 2018. Original research on effectiveness of publicly funded insurance schemes as a strategy towards UHC

Healthcare Consumption in Uttar Pradesh- Inequitous Growth and Social Factors Contributing to Impoverishment

C S Verma, Shivani Singh Alok Ranjan T Sundararaman EPW march 4 2017 vol liI no 9 pg 73 to 81. On inequity in current health systems design and direction of reforms.

No Respite for Public Health- On Health Budget 2016-17

T Sundararaman, Indranil Mukhopadhyay V R Muraleedharan EPW april 16 2016 vol lI no 16 pg 39 to 42. This piece points out that the weakening of public health systems makes us vulnerable to a public health crisis

NSSO 71st Round Data on Health and Beyond, EPW 2016

T Sundararaman V R Muraleedharan EPW JANUARY 16 2016 vol lI no 3 85 – On financial protection and access to health care

Out-of-pocket and catastrophic health expenditure: a cross-sectional assessment from Koderma , Jharkhandt of a rural district of the state of Jharkhand in India

Was associated with this study when in NHSRC-not an author- but important part of this collection: Authors: Rajesh 015Sinha, Keya Chatterjeem Nirmala Nair and Prasantha Tripathy,Ekjut, India, Journal of Disease and Global Health, 4(3): 130-140, 2

Falling Sick, Paying the Price, NSS 71st Round on Morbidity and Costs of Healthcare EPW, 2015

T Sundararaman V R Muraleedharan EPW AUGUST 15 2015 vol l no 33 pg 17 -20
On financing of healthcare- points out to growth of public provisioning and limitations of publicly funded insurance programs