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Legal Frameworks – India and the states

Human Rights and State Policy in Covid 19 pandemic India in Transition, CASI, UPenn

T. Sundararaman: Human Rights and State Policy in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Adjudication as Accountability ; India in Transition: Centre for Advanced Studies in India: U. Penn, Politics : Special COVID-19 Series; June 7, 2021

Everyone has an entitlement to vaccination against covid 19- Interview with Rema Nagarajan

Interview in Times of India, May 26th, 2021- describes the changes in Indian policy towards universal vaccination and calls for addressing the equity challenges.

The Right to Health Care- Why, What & How- A Policy Brief for Public Discussion

Though written in the context of Tamil Nadu, this book would be of equal relevance to all activists and academics working for the achievement of Right to Health.