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National Overview , Policies and Health sector reform

Health Sector Reform at the Covid 19 cross-roads- public good or health markets- an agenda for health systems research, IJPH, 2021Conference IssueThe issue is partially sponsored by Organizing Committee ofAnnual National Conference of IPHA 2020 held at AIIMS, New Delhi

Thiagarajan S. Health sector reform at the COVID-19 cross-roads: Public goods or health markets – An agenda for health systems research. Indian J Public Health 2021;65:332-9. ( this was first presented as the KN Rao Memorial Annual Lecture of the Book)

Ayushman Bharat: Hopes and Fears

International Journal of Health Systems and Implementation Research 2018 Vol 2 1 1 – early comment on announcement of ayushman bharat

National Health Policy – A Cautious Welcome

T. Sundararaman, Comment on National Health Policy 2017 in Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.2017 XIV No 2 April – June 2017, pg 68

Health Sector in India: Perspective and Way Forward: Yojana, February 2016

Health Sector in India Perspective and Way Forward , addressing new challenges An overview of India’s health sector, In Yojana, February 2016, Pgs 6 to 12

Comments on the National Health Research Policy

T. Sundararaman, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol. VIII, No.2, Apr-June, 2011