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About Us



This is a resource platform for conversations between activists, implementers, researchers and policy-makers on global and national health issues that are important for progress towards Health for All the Right to Health and Healthcare. It aims to provide curated access to knowledge resources relevant to these goals and disseminates the relevant work on these themes by the resource collective that has organized this website.


  • Provide a platform to share the views of those in this collective on health policy developments as and when they happen.
  • Provide a platform for sharing past, present and future publications of members of this collective, relevant to the pursuit of right to health and health for all and making it easily accessible for practitioners, scholars and activists
  • Provide curated guidance to other resources- which may or may not be in the same space as us, so that this website becomes an easy source of access to health material relevant to Right to Health and Health for All.
  • Build library of case studies and other resource material that can be used for capacity building in this sector in synergy with relevant print publications.

Features of this Policy Platform:

  • Intended audience is the policy community- which includes government officers, academics, consultants with global health institution and consultancies and civil society. Informed by (but not limited to) discussions in civil society.
  • Includes global health policy and national/ state health policy.
  • Supported by a moderated interactive discussion and feedbacks.
  • Informed by critical political economy perspectives, but not limited to it, and entering into dialogue with other frameworks.
  • Periodic outputs as occasional papers and as a newsletter : “Conversations on Health Policy”.

Members of Resource Collective

Prof. T. Sundararaman

Health Systems and Health Policy Studies, Puducherry

Dr. Ganapathy Murugan

Former Executive Director of the Public Health Resource Society, New Delhi

Dr. Samir Garg

Former Executive Director at State Health Resource Centre, Chhattisgarh

Mr.R Parthesarathy

Board Member, Médecins Sans Frontières,
Vice President, Pondicherry Science Forum

Dr. Shalini Singh

Public Health Reserarcher, Bengaluru

Dr. Daksha Parmar

Associate Professor, Public Health, Mumbai

Dr. Yogesh Jain

Public Health Physician

Dr. Mekhla Krishnamurthy

Sociologist and Ethnographer of Healthcare and Agriculture

And Others

Note:- with regard to all articles in this website- The responsibility for the views expressed and accuracy rest with the individual authors. Any organizations named are only for purpose of indicating identity and profile of the author. Views expressed and facts states must not be attributed to the organization unless explicitly stated.

We are keen on avoiding any infringements to copyright. If there is any such infringement noticed- please bring to attention of the coordination team.