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Human Resources for health


We share a number of papers presenting an overview of Human Resources for Health. Some of these were policy briefs written at different times for the Ministry.

The earlier is a policy brief written in 2011: (1) Policy Brief: Human Resource for Health: The Crisis, the NRHM Response and the Policy Options,

A well-known and highly cited overview is the Lancet publication. (2) Human resources for health in India; Prof Mohan Rao, Dr Krishna D Rao, AK Shiva Kumar, Mirai Chatterjee, Thiagarajan Sundararaman; The Lancet, Volume 377, Issue 9765, Pages 587 – 598, 12 February 2011. This was part of the Lancet Special Series on India.

A less well-known (3) Policy brief on Human Resources for Health, 2018, written for the Economic Advisory Committee of the Prime Minister, perhaps around 2018-19. This largely looked at the numbers required.

On International Policies

We flag two important documents- which are useful referral points- and provide link to a third key document.

The link is to the World Health report – 2006, on Human Resources for Health.

The documents are the Increasing Access to Health Workers in Remote and Rural

Areas through Improved Retention, WHO 2009, and one on Migration of Healthcare Professionals.

On Professional Education

We begin with an overview article, written as cover-page article for the periodical “ Frontline” on “ (21) Healthcare Education in the New Education Policy.” This article written in 2019  briefly covers the main challenges in Medical education.

Then we share another brief article called (22)“Revisiting NEET.” Published in June 2019 EPW, which explains sympathetically the Tamil Nadu position on why they are critical of the imposition of NEET as the sole mode of entry into medical colleges.

On Public Workforce Management

We begin by sharing a text-book article:

Then one article on the creation of a public health cadre titled:  (31)Professionalizing public health management. T. Sundararaman, Daksha Parmar, Seminar, Issue No. 714 , February 2019, 52 — a discussion on public health cadre and such other things.

And a third on (32)“Indian approaches to retaining skilled health workers in rural areas;” Thiagarajan Sundararaman & Garima Gupta; Bulletin World Health Organization 2011;89:73–77

There are also manty resources on community health workers but we present these along with the topic of community engagement.