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Primary Health Care and Universal Health Coverage

Understanding Comprehensive Primary Health Care: The Meghalaya Way

Published Nov 2022 by National Health Mission, this book was collectively written by a team from CPR, and govt of Meghalaya- with Sundararaman playing a lead role- a useful book for understanding what primary healthcare means and how to get there.

Embedded research to advance primary healthcare.

Soumya Swaminathan, Kabir Sheikh, Robert Marten, Martin Taylor….. T. Sundararaman et al, December 2020; BMJ Global Health 5(12):e004684; DOI: 10.1- Discusses an approach to health systems studies.

What makes primary healthcare facilities functional, and increases the utilization? Learnings from 12 case studies.

Lahariya C, Sundararaman T, Ved R, Adithyan GS, De Graeve H, Jhalani M, et al. What makes primary healthcare facilities functional, and increases the utilization? Learnings from 12 case studies. J Family Med Prim Care 2020;9:539-46

Tackling the primary care access challenge in South Asia

Amit Sengupta; Shehla Zaidi, T Sundararaman, Sharad Onta; Manuj C Weerasinghe; BMJ 2018;363:k4878 doi: 10.1136/bmj.k4878

Case Study Access to Diagnostics Services in Public Health Sector, Maharashtra

T Sundararaman, Soniya Mishra, Fareen Chaudhury, Sagar Sinha May 2018 Presented in Workshop on Universal Access to Diagnostics under NHM,

Book:Archetypes of Inclusive Healthcare Where Healthcare for the Poor is not Poor Healthcare

Collection of 16 case studies with contributions from over 15 colleagues, with an introductory and concluding chapter that sets outs the learnings from these case studies for building equitable health systems. Mainly, but not only positive stories.

Selection of Performance Measures in Context of Universal Health Coverage

Sundararaman T., Alok Ranjan, Priyanka Dixit, presented in session Bringing Politics to the Analysis of Performance Measurement Programs- Case and Comparative studies in health policy in 3rd International Conference on Public Policy, Singapore 201

Strengthening health systems in low-income countries by enhancing organizational capacities and improving institutions

Global Health Watch:: Robert Chad Swanson*, Rifat Atun, Allan Best, Arvind Betigeri, Francisco de Campos, Somsak Chunharas,….David Sanders, T. Sundararaman et al…Globalization and Health 2015, volume; Number:5 doi:10.1186/s12992-015-00

Measuring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage: An Approach in the Indian Context

T Sundararaman Girija Vaidyanathan S D Vaishnavi K Rahul Reddy Tushar Mokashi,Jitendra Sharma, Rajani Ved, Umakant Das, VR Muraleedharan, et al. SPECIAL ARTICLE NOVEMBER 22 2014 vol xlIX no 47 Economic Political Weekly